Chimney Service and Repairs

Solid Structure is a full service chimney company offering sweeping as well as repairs and upgrades.


Chimney sweeping uses a from the bottom power whip cleaner with up and out soot removal via high volume exhaust.  Full inspection report is provided detailing any maintenance and safety issues, with recommendations for preventative maintenance and efficiency upgrades.


Small or large reconstruction.  Full protection of effected areas with options for upgrades including decorative brickwork and colored concrete.  Care is taken to match brick and mortar, with life extending additive options.


All necessary steps are taken to install a problem and leak free flashing system including matching or exceeding surrounding shingle height to prevent pitting.  Ice and water underlay with flashing system installed in conjunction with shingles.  Counter flashing is bent into a cut groove of the chimney system and installed over, but not connected to the flashing system, preventing long term failure due to the roof and chimney expanding and contracting at different rates.


Appliance and fireplace liners always meet or exceed industry standards.  No mess flue tile removal.  4 grades of stainless steel UL listed liner systems and 3 types of fireproof insulation offered.


Precast concrete crowns for single flue chimneys.  Stainless steel chase covers.  Cast in place concrete with overhang, drip edge, steel re-enforcement, expansion joints, including color and edge options.


Color and finish matching.  Mortar is ground out to 1" depth and new mortar is applied.  Additive options to increase adhesion and water repelling properties to further extend life.