Any type of brick laying, small or large, simple or decorative. 

Home facades, planters, mailboxes, pillars.  Sign holders and driveway entry walls.  Solid Structure will provide quality craftsmanship for your project plans or work with you on design for your custom projects. 


Garage and storage structures, Solid Structure will provide above standard coring, bonding, insulation and sealing of your cinder block project.


Home facades, garden and drive walls, pillars, planters, and other projects that use natural stone.  Solid Structure's expertise will assure the mortar is matched to the stone for PSI strength, flexibility, and necessary additives for the highest quality and longevity of your project.

Thin brick/stone

Veneers for homes, walls, chimney chases, and more.  Thin brick and/or stone can be installed where full brick and stone cannot.  Allowing you the ambiance of masonry without costly footings and other support systems.